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SEO strategist and instructor with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Cristian has had the opportunity to guide and refine the digital strategies of many Canadian and European SMEs, including Ruby Range Adventure, Comfort Care Dental Clinic, Azita Physiotherapy, Fondation et Fissure St-Amant, MontrealComptable, and many others.


If you need a new, optimized website for your business, or wish to improve your existing website’s SEO strategy, I will help you achieve your goals.

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Whether you are a start-up or an established business looking for growth, I can answer all your questions about Internet marketing and SEO.

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Be Found on Google. Get More Leads. Convert More Visitors.

I am a Montreal based seasoned SEO specialist and digital marketing strategist. I use a combination of search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization to help improve your website’s visibility online and convert more of your website visitors into leads and paying customers.


If you are looking for someone who has been involved with the SEO industry since its earlier days, you have arrived at the right place. There aren’t very many SEO consultants and experts that have been involved in as many algorithm updates as I have and my experience has allowed me to guide many clients through those updates. My services are measurable, and I have delivered first page results for many of my SEO clients.


You don't spend much time on the 2nd page of Google - so why abandon your own website in such a dismal place? My clients have been able to reach their goals and achieve top rankings with my help. I have the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver first-page search engine results. Blow your competition away with a custom SEO strategy that delivers proven results.


Many so-called SEO experts do not produce any clear reporting that allows you to see just what you’re getting for the money that you’re spending. I, on the other hand, continuously produce results while also working closely with my clients so that they understand exactly what services are being performed and why. I take up SEO and web design projects that are based on monthly retainers and also offer SEO expert advice and consulting on an hourly basis.


SEO-Optimized Websites

Because SEO strategies and web development are so intimately intertwined, I offer both services as a package deal.

I have worked with clients whose websites were so entangled from a technical point of view that it would have been cheaper for them to build a new, SEO-optimized website from scratch then to correct their existing site. For this reason, 5 years ago, I decided to incorporate web development as part of my service offering.

The websites that I build are simple, yet professional-looking, optimized for visibility, conversion and speed. Most importantly, they are affordable. The methodology that I have developed over the past years allows me to work fast and with laser precision, thus removing all superfluous steps out of the process and focus only what ultimately brings value.

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